Caring For Your
Children's Eyes

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Caring For Your Children's Eyes

Children's Eye Care

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Free NHS Eye Test

All children under 16 qualify for an NHS voucher entitling them to a free eye test.

You don't need to worry about the cost of your child's eye test. All Eye Tests are free for children under 16. The'll also be entitled to NHS vouchers, which should help with the cost if they need glasses.

At First Optic, we understand that Eye Tests can be a bit overwhelming for some children. Especially if it’s their first. So we’ve made the whole process fun and as child friendly as possible.

Whilst some of the eye test is similar to an adults, the children’s eye test uses techniques that have been adapted to their specific needs. For example, if a child is unable to read, the traditional letters chart can replaced with one using pictures and shapes. Just like the on on the right here.

Kids Eye Test Chart

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