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Discover Your Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Modern contact lenses are so comfortable you genuinely won't realise you're wearing them after only just 10 minutes wear.
If you've never tried contacts before or have previously tried and failed, do check our contact lens page for all the latest news.

Modern contact lenses are largely of soft design.
These lenses mostly contain water, which is why they are so incredibly comfortable.
The lenses are not designed to last long and so need to be replaced regularly.

The more frequently you replace the contact lenses, generally the more comfortable they are to wear.

If you want the most comfortable contact lenses with no need to clean or disinfect them overnight, choose
DAILY DISPOSABLE contact lenses.

If you want to wear lenses almost every day and you want to keep the cost down, choose
MONTHLY DISPOSABLE contact lenses.
These lenses will need simple cleaning and disinfecting over night.

Almost all eye prescriptions are now available in soft lenses.
So if you have high astigmatism, need to see near and far (varifocal) or need to sleep in the lenses overnight, there is likely to be a suitable lens for you.

At First Optic, we fit all the major contact lens brands as well as a few lesser known designs.

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